Can You Make Espresso in a Keurig?

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Every Keurig coffee maker is designed to brew standard coffee. This means regular brewed coffee, nothing fancy like an espresso or an americano. Keurig coffee makers are not designed to make espresso. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use your Keurig to make the closest possible thing to an espresso at home, so tasty that you won’t even know the difference!

The thing with the Keurig is that it doesn’t produce pressure to make coffee. Instead, it uses hot water and a filter system to brew a normal drip coffee in a single-serve style. On the other hand, espresso machines utilize hot water and high pressure to squeeze out your beloved espresso juice.

The way to make an espresso using a Keurig is to make a small cup of your favorite coffee, concentrating the flavor in a small amount of liquid. You won’t get the same foam that comes with a real espresso, but it will still taste pretty similar. This is especially true if you use the specially designed Keurig K-Cups for espresso!

Can You Make an Espresso Shot in a Keurig?

Most Keurig 1.0 or 2.0 lines are not designed for making espresso shots. If you have one of the newer models such as the K Supreme, you can brew at the 4 oz setting. The results will be close to an espresso shot.

Another trick is to use the same amount of water that you would normally use in a shot of espresso. To do this, only fill your Keurig’s water reservoir to its minimum setting. On most machines, the minimum is 6 ounces. This will also be close to an espresso shot.

Because an espresso uses a ratio of 1:2 for coffee to water, you need to still use one part coffee for each two parts of water. This equals roughly 6 ounces. Choose the smallest option on your Keurig and you’ll get an approximation to an espresso.

But before you get all excited and go grab your favorite espresso cup, keep in mind that it might overflow. Most espresso cups are only designed to hold 5 ounces comfortably, meaning your cup could overflow if you accidentally pour a bit too much water into your Keurig. We recommend using a slightly larger mug, then transferring it into your favorite espresso cup.

Once you master this method, you can always make yourself a mini Keurig espresso shot!

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Are There Espresso K-Cups?

You can purchase espresso K-Cups for your Keurig. There are a few specialty K-cups that cater specifically to people who love espresso. Unfortunately, these aren’t always available at your local supermarket and you may have to purchase them online.

Starbucks makes a great espresso roast for Keurig, and so does Lavazza. There are a few lesser-known brands who also make espresso roast capsules compatible with Keurig machines, and these are often a bit more affordable.

Keep in mind that if you can’t find any espresso K-Cups but are craving a strong espresso, you can always use a darker roast to brew an espresso. Extra bold, dark roast, Italian roast – these will all produce a stronger coffee flavor, making them excellent for espressos.

How Do You Use Espresso Pods in a Keurig?

To use an espresso capsule in your Keurig, you do it the same way as you would any other K-Cup capsule. There really isn’t anything different except for the amount of water that you put into the reservoir.

If you’re wondering how to use Nespresso pods in a Keurig machine, you can’t. Nespresso espresso pods are not compatible with Keurig systems. The only thing you could do to use an espresso pod with a Keurig would be to cut the pod open, steal the grounds from inside, and then transfer them into a reusable K-Cup.

But let me tell you why this method is ridiculous. It’s not the coffee grounds that make a difference. If you have a Starbuck’s dark roast K-Cup and a Nespresso Starbucks espresso pod, they would both taste the same when using a Keurig because they’re brewed the same! Taking the grounds out of the pod and putting them into the K-Cup wouldn’t make a difference.

Stick to using regular K-Cups in your Keurig for all your espresso needs.

Can I Make Espresso without an Espresso Machine?

There are a few interesting ways to make espresso without having an actual espresso machine. You can make espresso at home using a French press, an AeroPress, or a Moka Pot.

An AeroPress is an amazing device that works kind of like the French press, allowing you to squeeze the hot espresso into your cup using your own power. Then there’s the Moka Pot, a unique contraption that you put on the stove to make up to four shots of espresso at one time.

There is no substitute for proper espresso brewed using a machine, but the Moka Pot and AeroPress come close. Still, you will always need some kind of device to make espresso. You can’t simply saturate the beans like you do with regular coffee. Brewing espresso is much more complicated than just soaking coffee grounds through a filter.

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Every Keurig coffee maker is designed to brew standard coffee. This means regular brewed coffee,…
Every Keurig coffee maker is designed to brew standard coffee. This means regular brewed coffee,…
Every Keurig coffee maker is designed to brew standard coffee. This means regular brewed coffee,…
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