Best K Cups for the Ultimate Iced Coffee

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K Cups are all the rage these days, making each cup of coffee you brew, as perfect as intended. No need to fuss, just pop the cup into the machine, and you’re off to the races.

But the delight does not end with that steaming cup in the morning. Now, the same delectable K Cups are available for iced coffee. With many flavors to choose from, we realize choosing can be a little daunting, so we’ve put together a shortlist to get you on your way.

If you’re interested in these pods but don’t have the hardware to make it happen, we can highly recommend the new Keurig Supreme or Supreme Plus. To see what might suite you better, be sure to stop by our guide to the best Keurig for iced coffee.

Why Iced Coffee K-Cups?

Iced coffee has been a favorite beverage for the longest time. In the sweltering heat, or for those who are just more favorably disposed to cold drinks, this is definitely the way to go.

Still, the process of making iced coffee can be a little tasking. From boiling of the water, brewing the coffee to the right flavor level, and to adding your preferred condiments (cream, sugar, caramel, chocolate syrup), to waiting till it cools before poring over ice.

It really can be more labor-intensive than you’re cut out for.

So, thankfully, we have K-cups to ease things up for you. The amazing little K-cup capsules are perfect for making iced coffee. With a Keurig machine that’s compatible, simply pop in your K-cup pod, and brew on the appropriate setting, then let it pour over ice.

Voila! Delicious Iced coffee is ready in minutes.

Now all you need now is to pick your best K-cup for Iced coffee, and since there are many options to choose from, we’ve provided a detailed list.

Our Top pick is Starbucks Blonde Roast, as its medium roast level is perfectly balanced with its strong Sumatran flavor incorporating notes of toasted malt and baking chocolate.

Our 2nd pick is Green Mountain Iced Vanilla Caramel, for its medium roast level, and premium Arabica blend which showcases a mild bitterness with a buttery texture and sweet aroma.

What We Look for in Starbucks K-Cups

Iced Coffee K-Cups come well packaged in airtight plastic cups with an aluminum seal and lid to retain their freshness, unique taste, and quality.

In choosing your K-Cups, some things have been outlined that are worth considering.

PRICE: This is the first factor that will come to mind when choosing your K-Cups.

You will want to look at the K-Cup that doesn’t cost you much and still get the desired benefits. This is crucial for those planning to make it a daily beverage.

COMPATIBILITY: One very important consideration is that the coffee selections are compatible with Keurig K-Cup Brewing systems, as these are now widely preferred Options for their ease of use and convenience.

FLAVOR: This is another thing many will want to consider when choosing their preferred Iced coffee K-Cup. There are different flavors worth considering which encompass several varieties and tastes. These flavors include rich caramel, spicy, nutty, rich cocoa. It is up to you as the consumer to determine what taste is the real kicker for you.

ROAST: Buying your K-Cups will offer you a variety of roast, from light, to medium and too dark. Depending on your taste preference, you’ll have many options to choose from which will give you the precious roast level you desire.

Our Top K-Cups Selections for Iced Coffee

1. Starbucks Blonde Roast

Starbucks 011081242

Since the first cup they served in Seattle, back in ‘71, Starbucks has made it a point to painstakingly choose their beans, and use high standards in the blending process.

They’re tailored to give you an experience hard to match. With that same goal in mind, they created the K Cups that bring your favorite Starbucks outlet to your home or office.

The resulting cup of coffee is a favorite across the spectrum of drinkers, experienced, or novice, with its subtle bitter taste that relies more on its aroma than its boldness to deliver the experience. There are two versions of the Blonde Roast, be careful which you choose.

This one contains regular caffeine while the other has double the amount.

For the true connoisseur, and even for those who are new to coffee, it doesn’t take too many cups to appreciate the subtle chocolate flavor that comes from the meticulous roasting. This is not lost even when it is brewed directly onto a glass of ice.

Cold and sweet, this blend will work well for those endless summer days.

ROAST: Medium. Caffeinated

QUANTITY: Comes in various packs of 10, 24, 32, and 40 pods in a box to suit your consumption profile

FLAVOR: Strong Sumatran flavor incorporating notes of toasted malt and baking chocolate

COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with Keurig K-Cup brewing systems


Starbucks’ Blonde Roast promises these rewarding features:

  • Rich aroma
  • Medium Boldness
  • Various pack size ensures freshness based on your drinking habit
  • 100% Arabica beans
  • Great pick for first-time drinkers
  • Widely available

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2. Green Mountain Iced Vanilla Caramel

Green Mountain Coffee

As the name suggests, this was made for ice but don’t let that fool you, a warm cup holds a special place in many a consumer’s heart.

The only thing that differs in this Iced version of the vanilla caramel coffee, is that it is formulated to be cooled soon after brewing without losing flavor, texture, or aroma.

The flavor-rich sweet vanilla blends exceptionally well with the buttery caramel. Together they bring out the flavor of the Arabica while balancing its scintillating hint of bitterness.

The two dimensions of sweetness, from the vanilla and the caramel, sit conspicuously in the background and are welcoming hosts to other flavors if one so chooses to be creative.

Alternatively, you can enjoy it hot, with half and half, or full cream milk, and experience the slightly heavier pallet of the Arabica.

To experience it the way it was intended, choose the ‘Over Ice’ setting on your Keurig when preparing your cup and let your 8-ounce coffee brew into a 16-ounce glass of ice.

ROAST: Medium. Caffeinated

QUANTITY: Comes in various packs of 12, 24, 72, and 96 pods in a box

FLAVOR: Premium Arabica blend. Mild bitterness with a buttery texture and sweet aroma

COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with Keurig K-Cup brewing systems


Green Mountain’s Iced Vanilla Caramel features the following:

  • Rich aroma even when brewed over ice
  • Semi-bold coffee taste, widely preferred
  • Various pack sizes for convenience
  • Silky smooth texture
  • Widely available
  • Premium beans optimally aged for flavor

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3. Green Mountain Brew Over Ice

Green Mountain -102021-v5

This is Green Mountain’s second offering that has made it to the top five list. This is for those who are missing their sweet tooth or are particular with what flavor they add to their coffee. The Brew over Ice delivers what the name promises. Just good ‘ole black coffee, with a modern twist of ice.

Once again, the folks at Green Mountain spent a lot of time perfecting the brew to be able to handle the cold without losing any of its flavor, or texture. The result is a dark roast that brings as much flavor to the table as it does the natural creaminess of a full-bodied roast.

However, the true treasure of the full-bodied black coffee, is that it lends itself to a diverse array of additions you may desire. It is the perfect canvas for whatever flavor you wish to paint it with. Be it nutty hazelnut essence, or creamy butterscotch, this bold black can take it.

ROAST: Medium. Caffeinated

QUANTITY: Comes in a box of 12, 24, 72, or 96 pods

FLAVOR: Strong Arabica flavor incorporating notes of toasted malt and baking chocolate

COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with Keurig K-Cup brewing systems


  • Robust coffee flavor with strong layers of cocoa
  • Kosher
  • Caffeinated
  • Retains bold flavor whether consumed hot or cold
  • Compatible with a wide range of syrups and flavors
  • Unmistakable aroma

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4. Starbucks Pike Place Roast

Starbucks 40762111189941

Pike Place Roast is as Latin as can be with a tropical body and refined cocoa aftertaste that dances with the nutty flavor of the land it is grown on. The 100% Arabica bean is harvested when it is bursting with flavor and then allowed to gently roast to bring out the distinct flavor only Latin-American coffees can.

Blended to perfection with only one goal in mind, Starbucks’s master blenders created a coffee that incorporates all the characteristics of a full-bodied experience. The result was a coffee that graces your cup smoothly with a swirl of nutty, chocolaty, and bitter flavors.

This blend is well-rounded, thus lending itself to an all-day, anytime-of-day coffee. Whether as your first cup in the morning, or a pick me up in the afternoon, Pike Place Roast is just what you need. While it doesn’t explicitly tell you that it was designed as a cold beverage.

Pike Place Roast is so robust that brewing it over ice results in a delectable summer afternoon beverage.

ROAST: Medium. Caffeinated.

QUANTITY: Comes in a box of 22, 40, 66, or 88 pods.

FLAVOR: Smooth. Balanced. Well-rounded. Tastes of lingering nutty cocoa.

COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with Keurig K-Cup brewing systems


Starbucks’ Pike Place Roast features:

  • Unmistakable aroma
  • Balanced flavor
  • Multiple quantity packs to choose from
  • Smooth Texture
  • Consistent taste

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5. Peet’s Coffee, Major Dickison’s Blend

Peet's Coffee 510435

Named after the real Major Dickison, this blend is unlike any of the others on this list. The earthy flavor that distinguishes this blend is robust and brings the Indo-Pacific flavor to every cup. There is also a spicy scent that accompanies the earthy tones resulting in a blend that celebrates diversity in every sip.

Even if it does sound like it brings regional tastes to a simple cup, what is surprising to most newcomers to this blend is how smooth and well-rounded it finishes. This however is not something that most of you will drink daily but could learn to.

It takes time to learn the nuances of earthy tones and spicy aftertastes, while still enjoying the Arabica that floats on the back of both. While this is not mentioned as an ice-only coffee, we have found that the flavor that results from this blend lends itself to a cold glass on a hot day.

ROAST: Medium to dark. Caffeinated

QUANTITY: Comes in a box of 10 pods

FLAVOR: Earthy. Spicy

COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with Keurig K-Cup brewing systems


Major Dickison’s blend features:

  • Balanced aroma
  • Semi-bold flavor
  • Smooth Texture
  • Consistent taste
  • Well balanced

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Final Thoughts

With that, we come to the end of the best K Cups for iced coffee. The thing to note here is that all these blends, even the ones that label themselves for ice, work well when consumed warm on a cold day, or hot on an even colder day. Simply pop into your Keurig brewing systems and enjoy, however you wish.

That’s how well they are made, with quality and dedication. Every last detail is focused on during the selection process by the master blenders and what you will find is a satisfying experience in all.

Evelyn J Stafford

Evelyn is a Coffee enthusiast and writer for Wins Coffee Bar. Her work has appeared in Bean Scene, The Home Kitchen and other publications.

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